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Homeowners Unprepared for Storm Risks

A new study found that one in four homeowners have not taken any protective measures to combat the hurricane season. Here’s what this could mean for residents of high-risk states [...]

Delinquencies Recover from Spike

After spiking in June, a new report from Black Knight notes how far delinquency rates fell in July. The post Delinquencies Recover from Spike appeared first on DSNews. Source: DS [...]

The Rise of Unconventional Loans

As strict lending requirements put in place following the financial crisis erode, many lenders and borrowers are turning toward non-qualified loans The post The Rise of Unconventional Loans appeared first [...]

What’s Best for Banks?

As the Federal Reserve and other regulators roll back some post-2008 banking and lending regulations, some worry that the economy may put at risk during the next downturn, The post [...]

Making Passive Investments in Real Estate

Diversified investment portfolios, including investment in real estate, is more important than ever. Here's why an industry expert suggest "passive" investment. The post Making Passive Investments in Real Estate appeared [...]

Gauging Millennial Homebuying Knowledge

Though over half of millennials are now homeowners, a lack of knowledge about the mortgage market may be keeping the other half from buying. The post Gauging Millennial Homebuying Knowledge [...]

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