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Where Are Americans Moving?

A new study revealed that the migration patterns of U.S. homebuyers pointed largely in one direction. Hint: It’s not just the warmer climate and sunny skies that have homebuyers opting [...]

Top 5 Affordable Markets

Despite the national decline in affordability, reports show that some markets have seen improvements. Here’s why. The post Top 5 Affordable Markets appeared first on DSNews. Source: DS News

Regulation Vs. Added Costs

A change of name for the CFPB to the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection is likely to cost the industry millions. Here’s why. The post Regulation Vs. Added Costs appeared [...]

A Closer Look at Hispanic Homeownership

In this video spotlight, expert panels share their perspectives on the challenges faced by Hispanic Americans in areas of homeownership, savings and investments, and entrepreneurial opportunities. The post A Closer [...]

In Memoriam: President George H.W. Bush

As the country observes a national day of mourning on the passing of George H.W. Bush, 41st President of the United States, we take a look at his impact on [...]

Gauging the GSEs’ NPL Performance

A new FHFA report reveals how Fannie and Freddie performed on the sale of non-performing loans and how it reflects borrower outcomes. The post Gauging the GSEs’ NPL Performance appeared [...]

In Case of Emergency

With natural disasters impacting housing markets around the country each year, how should REO managers prepare before and after disaster strikes? The post In Case of Emergency appeared first on [...]

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