Codilis Firm Changes Its Texas Address

The Texas located office of Codilis & Stawiarski, P.C. announced that it has made an update to its address. The firm has been serving the Texas community for over 25 [...]

Previous Ginnie Mae President to Join PennyMac Board

PennyMac Financial Services, Inc., a specialty financial services firm, announced Thursday that August 1, 2017 former President of the Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae), Theodore W. Tozer, will join [...]

Holding the Line

The June 2017 First Look at Mortgage Data revealed mortgage delinquencies aren’t following normal seasonal patterns—but it’s a good thing. Read on to see what they’re doing. The post Holding [...]

Is Real Estate America’s Favorite Form of Investment?

How does real estate popularity stack up when compared to investments in stock, gold, or cash, and what do consumers think when looking at investments for ten years or longer? [...]

An Unlikely Pair

Baby Boomers are always complaining about millennials, but older homeowners could benefit from opening their doors to a younger roommate in more ways than one. . . The post An [...]

The Home Equity Problem for Generation X

There is a disparity with home equity between Gen X and millennials, according to a recent report. Did millennials catch up, or did Gen X fall behind? The post The [...]

Get a Move On

The U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs held a hearing on the nominations of six individuals for leadership roles within the administration. See why Senator Crapo is [...]

How Many Borrowers Can’t Afford Their Mortgage?

The number of people who struggle pay their mortgage or rent is increasing, according to Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing. Watch how much here. The post How Many Borrowers Can’t [...]

Wells Fargo Bolsters National Mortgage Servicing Association Representation

The National Mortgage Servicing Association recently announced new representation in the group from Wells Fargo. See who it is and what he will do for the association here. The post [...]

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